You made it to the R A R E Pledge. This pledge is a lifestyle and stance against any negativity towards women. This pledge is the values we stand by. It will be said at every meeting, event, and convention as one because we are one. Agree to the pledge below and take a stance with RCC.


  • I will help build a world where girls can realize their full potential and #GirlPower.
  • I will be a voice for girls whose voices go unheard.
  • I will turn a negative thought into a positive thought.
  • I am strong, beautiful, graceful and intelligent.
  • I am worthy of love, respect, success, wealth, health and happiness.
  • I don’t need to be perfect to be accepted.
  • I love and accept all parts of myself. I am supported in overcoming obstacles.
  • I am important.
  • We are all important.