Press - April 25, 2020

Introducing: rare culture collective.

Newport News, VA Aug 21st, 2020 — Ella Audrey Rae, Editor in Chief of Reignland Magazine, has announced the launch of girls-only social community, rare culture collective. Girls and young women between the ages of 13 and 26 now have a new way to get and give support along with rewards, free events, and more. The social community went into beta testing in 2017 under another named but was later renamed rare cc.

Within the community , you can:

  • Network with others like you who want to get to the same goals and dreams.
  • Earn virtual currency to buy access to exclusive content and real-world items.
  • Customize profiles with slideshows, posts, videos, and more.
  • Shop in the rare cc store for real items such as merch kits and gaming passes. (Opening Soon)
  • Attend virtual classes for your field and grow in it.
  • Win contests and exclusive opportunities such as writing for a magazine or getting a book published.
  • Play polls, quizzes, and games.
  • Be apart of online events such as movie nights and jam sessions free (Opening Soon)
  • Chat publicly or privately with friends.
  • Post messages on “Girl Talk” for advice and Q &A’s and. Give advice
  • Join groups and clubs that spark your interest such as fan clubs, yearbook, journalism, and gaming.
  • Publish your stories, poems, videos, music, and artwork

Ella Audrey Rae (24), CEO, Reignland Magazine & rare cc said, “Websites like Sweetyhigh.com or SparkCityWorld helped me get through a lot of tough times when I was younger because of the positive culture that came with being a member and those, along with so many others, have since been shut down. I want to bring that positive culture back. With this new community, I want to give girls the opportunity to create and be rewarded for doing so in a positive atmosphere along with other cool experiences.”

rare cc also has a virtual currency called ‘Diamonds’ that are earned by members for doing various activities throughout the site such as creating a blog, uploading content, and proving positive feedback to other members’ creations. The ‘Diamonds’ are then used to purchase item kits, gaming passes, access to pages, exclusive content, and tickets to rare cc events. The members can also gift ‘Diamonds’ to friends who may not have enough.

“The creation of our virtual currency is to give girls the opportunity to buy important needs and wants when need be without having to use their actual money. They earn points for being positive and making others feel awesome. That’s a pretty cool reward.” Ella Audrey Rae spoke about the currency of GirlX.

rare cc is now open to the public for registration. You can join here. You must be 13 and older.

About rare cc.

rare cc is an online social community built by Reignland Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Ella Audrey Rae in 2017. It is an online positive atmosphere for girls ages 13 through 25 that allows girls and young women to socialize within a protected community. Along with socializing they also get to earn virtual currency that can be spent on real-world items such as kits, gaming passes, and member-only events. They can also create, learn, get support, attend events, get advice, start important conversations, make new friends, and even change the world.