nothing better than a bunch of empowered females supporting each other.

The RCC is an online destination for girls and women of all stories. Consider it an all female agency by females for females. This place isn’t just for the girly girls but for all girls. Any female who wants to make an impact in society. We are here to create a nationwide girl squad so that no female is ever alone and all feel powerful enough to get through almost anything. This agency is designed to help girls not only have fun in a safe environment online but also allow them to ask questions about themselves as they grow, earn virtual currency, network & pursue their dreams and make new friends plus more.

RCC members are from all different backgrounds with different stories to tell but one goal in mind and that’s positivity and strength. We are here to provide a positive platform for females not only to help them grow in a happier light but also to allow them to have a better sense of what having positive support feels like. We encourage all of our members to showcase their talents online and engaged in activities that would help them further their goals in life while providing the necessary tools for the next generation to do the same. This family was started by the editor in chief of Reignland Magazine after sharing her own story. Become apart of the movement today or donate to the cause.